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Driven by a firm belief that staff is the primary source of the corporate competiveness, Hanergy has always committed to recruiting and managing -caliber employees and ensuring their development since the first day of incorporation.
We expect more high-caliber people to join us and empower the achievement of Hanergy’s dream!

Talent introduction mechanism
On the basis of its annual recruitment and headcount plan, Hanergy engages with those who recognize our corporate culture and are ready to grow together with us on a long-term basis. In the meantime, Hanergy also recruits new graduates from partner universities with relevant majors, integrity and the ambition to learn and grow.

Talent management mechanism
Hanergy has put in a place a well-developed human resources management and career development system. Supported by the system, staff can quickly identify with Hanergy’s corporate culture, enhance their capacity, and achieve their own growth while helping the corporation to grow.
One highlight of Hanergy’s human resources system is its focus on the learning, training, and career planning of staff and the excellent planning of organizational development. Based on specified functions of departments and positions, and well defined management authority and procedures, Human Resource Center motivates the individual employees to fulfill their potentials, helps them to develop their competences and expertise, and drives both the individuals and organization to become more professional. The well designed staff structure has helped to secure strategic selection, recruitment, training and retention of key staff. For example, staff evaluated with huge potentials will be promoted through a visionary selection mechanism to be middle and senior management. Besides, Hanergy also provides a well-structured incentive program, with stock options provided to the long-serving staff, and other staff motivated by promotion opportunities, honors, trainings and acknowledgment depending on his/her individual case and the stage of his/her service in the group. In this way, staff members are motivated to share the same destiny with the corporation and contribution to the sustainable growth of the company through their own growth. In return, the growth of the corporation will greatly reward the staff both tangibly and intangibly.

Talent development mechanism
Under the human resources development system, both well developed and individualized career development options are provided to staff based on their professional nature and personal strengths. We encourage the staff to pursue the most suitable career path options and maximize their contribution to Hanergy’s development.
Six career development paths including management, technical development, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing are available at Hanergy. The “One Thousand Elites” Plan identifies senior management, Hanergy College, assistants to presidents, high-performing managers, new managers, core employees, trainees and new employees based on professional evaluations. Besides, competence models and capacity building plans are customized for each staff. In the meanwhile, a stratified and diversified internal learning and development (L&D) program has been established to meet existing needs of the positions and develop potentials of the staff. Under this L&D program, internal and external trainings are offered to the staff to develop their human resources capital. Staff is encouraged to seek growth based on their own efforts through the multiple career paths and equal opportunities put in place by the corporation.

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