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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited is a high-tech energy enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 00566.HK). The Company’s principal activities include: (i) the manufacture of equipment and turnkey production lines for the manufacture of silicon based thin-film power modules; (ii) the technological development and production of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (“CIGS”) thin-film power turnkey production lines; (iii) building ground-mounted power stations and rooftop power stations for sale; and (iv) the development of thin-film power application products. 
Since entering into the thin-film power industry in 2009, Hanergy Thin Film Power has been striving to become a leading provider of thin-film turnkey production lines, and has grown rapidly by expanding its business into the downstream photovoltaic power generation sector since 2013. The Group remains committed in the assembly of thin-film power production lines, technological R&D and thin-film power projects and application products segments in the foreseeable future.

In respect of the assembly of production lines and technological R&D, the Group has devoted to improve its latest thin-film power generation technology and got great achievement. For example, the Group announced in 2013 that it had significantly enhanced its turnkey production lines, yielding great savings in terms of time and production costs for the clients. The Group owns R&D scientist team of the Group around the world, including Sichuan province, China; Germany; Sweden and the United States. Through the effort of world leading scientists specializing in CIGS thin-film technology, the Group has achieved a major breakthrough with the conversion efficiency of CIGS thin-film cell reaching 21.0%. The Group believes that leveraging on its own advanced technologies and intellectual properties, it will continue to invest in current and future technologies to realize its corporate objectives and achieve more breakthroughs in the thin-film power industry in the near future.

In respect of the thin-film power generation and application products, the Group has taken its first step into this sector towards the end of 2013, and already has over 600MW of announced thin-film power projects based in China, the USA and Ghana. The Group will develop thin-film power project and application products or acquire high-yielding power generation assets in the future for expanding downstream power business. In addition, the Group has already acquired of Hanergy Solar UK in 2014, which is responsible to sell the PV systems under the brand “Hanergy” in IKEA’s stores in the United Kingdom. Another important strategic direction of the Group is in the automotive area. The Group has co-operated with Tesla (an automotive producer in USA), FIA Formula E & Aston Martin for bring opportunities to the Group automotive application. Moreover, use of thin-film power technology in products for individual applications is another important new development for the Group. By optimizing the use of the characteristics of thin-film through its flexible design, the Group has produced various types of applications, including lights, camp lights and battery chargers, etc., providing consumers with PV products at reasonable prices, while promoting their awareness of clean energy.

In striving to become a leading thin-film power company in the world, the Group has adapted  to the fast changing environment of the industry. The Group believes that combination of advanced technologies and sufficient scale is the key to surviving and excelling in such a demanding market environment. Thus, the Group has put significant resources in seeking the latest and the most prospective technologies in the entire thin-film power industry chain to improve its product performance. Market competitiveness is gained through strategic acquisitions and in-house R&D. The Group has been very active in completing several acquisitions involving the global leading Cooper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin-film power technologies: including Solibro (Germany), MiaSolé (the USA) and Global Solar Energy (the USA). Going forward, the Group believes that the future market development will center on mass production and highly efficient thin-film power technology with the lowest cost. In the future, the Group will actively and aggressively seek acquisition opportunities of other advanced thin-film power technologies, including relevant patents and intellectual properties, to enhance the Group’s competitive advantage.

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